SecurityMatters and Archer Partner to Secure Critical Infrastructure

Partnering on products and services to better serve the critical infrastructure sector

RICHMOND, Va., Aug. 14, 2017 /GLOBE NEWSWIRE/ — SecurityMatters and Archer Security Group have officially partnered to offer comprehensive solutions that will strengthen critical infrastructure in North America. Archer Security Group provides outstanding security and regulatory compliance consulting for utilities and other energy companies. SecurityMatters’ flagship product, SilentDefense, is an innovative OT network monitoring and intelligence platform that empowers industrial operators with unrivaled visibility, threat detection capability and control of their network.  Archer Security Group will now offer the SilentDefense platform as one of their solutions to the complex security challenges faced by ICS asset owners in the utility and energy sectors today.

“We are pleased to officially announce our partnership with Archer Security Group. Their excellent reputation and proven expertise in security consulting for the utility and energy industries will help boost SilentDefense’s reputation as the premier OT network monitoring solution in the minds of industry leaders,” says Damiano Bolzoni, SecurityMatters’ CEO.

“The SecurityMatters team and their products bring innovative solutions to the industrial security marketplace,” said Patrick C. Miller, managing partner with Archer Security Group. “Their unique product provides special analysis and insight into industrial operations in a way that combines both security and operations. We are delighted to work with them, and this partnership will provide great value to our organization and its clients.”

This partnership will further advance the mutual goal of both companies, which is to spread awareness about the importance of implementing good security practices for OT networks and offer cyber resilience solutions to ICS asset owners throughout the energy and utility sectors.

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About SecurityMatters
SecurityMatters empowers critical infrastructure and manufacturing organizations with the ability to identify, analyze and respond to industrial threats and flaws, minimizing troubleshooting costs and unexpected downtime. We leverage OT-specific knowledge and understanding to provide visibility into critical assets and their activity and detect operational problems and cyber security threats. Our revolutionary network monitoring platform has been successfully deployed by customers worldwide. For more information, visit