Security training videos that actually work!

Regular security awareness videos put people to sleep. Our fresh, creative videos keep people interested — so they take in and even enjoy the security message you need to get across. Archer’s security awareness stories bring together timely, compelling and sometimes humorous information and real-life examples so your employees will care about their own security and the security of the company they work for.

See the difference for yourself, and sign up for our 4-times-a-year awareness videos — your employees and your company will thank you!   Archer can add live appearances and training, custom videos and more to keep your people interested and invested in keeping your company safe and secure. With our program, you will receive four awareness videos per year, along with a high-quality digital graphic you can use for posters, email campaigns or other materials.

Examples of our security videos:

One of the top security risks for companies? Tailgating, where someone follows you in through a security door.

We show you why it’s dangerous, as well as strategies you can use to keep from becoming easy prey for intruders.

Once, twice, three times — how many times have you used the same password on different accounts?

Here’s why that will hurt you, plus easy ways you can come up with — and manage — passwords.

You find a USB drive on the ground outside. Would you plug it in? Find out how many people actually would — and how that can bring down a company.