We focus on security so you can focus on what you do best — keeping the facility running. Our experts will plan and implement cost-effective, manageable security solutions that won’t impact your operations.

CybersecurityOur cybersecurity professionals are all former utility staff. We understand the challenges of securing both IT and OT, what works for each - and what doesn't. We cover the full spectrum of cybersecurity services for industrial facilities, but here are a few highlighted services:

Enterprise security program design and strategy

OT/ICS vulnerability assessment

Security tools integration

Incident response and recovery exercises

Supply chain security

Secure network design and testing

Cybersecurity risk assessment

Physical SecurityPhysical security for an industrial facility must protect the equipment and staff without impacting safety or operations. Our physical security experts apply their deep industrial experience in concert with the latest cutting edge physical security technologies and tactics to keep your facility running safely. We can secure almost any location, and here are some of our featured physical security services:

Evaluate & assess the physical security of your operation

Identify & protect critical assets

Create comprehensive & compliant physical security plan for your operation

CIP-006 and CIP-014 compliance audits, assessments and remediation

Help implement physical security plan for your operation

Integrate your physical and cybersecurity plans & technology for maximum efficiency & protection