Watch your wallet — your digital wallet, that is. 

Thieves are taking a liking to Bitcoin and other crypto coins, and they’re draining online wallets of your crypto cash.

We also show you what to look for in the fake Netflix e-mails to keep your credit card number safe.

Here’s our latest scam alert!

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Bitcoin is getting so popular, you can soon use it to buy tickets to Dallas Mavericks games.

But Bitcoin is also getting popular with cyber crooks.

The Mavericks owner, Mark Cuban, says his team will take the digital money next season, according to Fortune.

At the same time, thieves have reportedly pulled off another crypto heist online —  stealing $400,000 in crypto coin from a company called BlackWallet.

The crooks stole a currency called Stellar Lumens, reported SC Magazine.

Experts say the bad guys will target online wallets and other crypto currency companies to make a quick buck.

So far, tens of millions of dollars-worth of crypto coins have disappeared in hacks in the last few months.

Fake Netflix E-mail

Let’s take a closer look at the fake Netflix e-mail coming into inboxes — telling you your payment has been declined.

Here are some clues to help you spot the fakes so you don’t give thieves your credit card number.

Check out the e-mail address in this image from cybersecurity company MailGuard. The e-mail comes from “pause massage” rather than from Netflix.


The fake Netflix e-mail address shows it is from “pausemassage,” not Netflix. Image credit: MailGuard


Another version of the fake e-mail from cybersecurity company Sophos shows another red flag, a funky “X” in the word Netflix.

Plus, the e-mail says you need to verify yourself by taking and uploading a picture of yourself holding up your ID.

Don’t do it!


This version of the fake Netflix e-mail has a red flag — an odd “x.” Image credit: Sophos


Also, don’t click on links in e-mails like this one.

Instead, go directly to the Netflix website yourself to check your account.


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