Pull the plug on this baby cam, researchers say. 

And learn how to fight fake news right in your own home.

Here’s your latest scam alert:



Baby monitor hack

If you or someone you know uses a Mi-Cam baby monitor, you’ll probably want to turn it off.

Researchers found that attackers can hack the monitors and watch the feeds from your baby’s crib, among other problems.

The researchers from cybersecurity company SEC Consult say they tried to contact the company that makes the cams — called miSafes — to warn them, but got no answer, so now they’re warning the public.

They say don’t use it until the security issues are fixed and someone has done a security audit of the camera.


Promotional image from miSafes. Image credit: miSafes


Fake e-mail scam

Cyber crooks are turning up the heat on business scams targeting people who work at Fortune 500 companies.

They send phishing e-mails where they try to get you to give up your username and password, according to IBM X-Force.

Then they sign in as you and use you to get to someone in the accounts payable department.

They carry on email conversations until they convince people in accounts payable to wire them a lot of money. 

Companies could lose $9 billion to this kind of scam this year, predicts Trend Micro.

One solution — put two-factor authentication on your accounts so the bad guys can’t get in with just your password.


Fake e-mail message sent to Fortune 500 company employees. Image credit: IBM X-Force


Snapchat attack

A warning if you use Snapchat: crooks are sending out fake Snapchat log-in screens.

Put in your name and password and the bad guys get your info.

Attackers stole passwords from more than fifty thousand people this way, according to The Verge.

The attack went down in July 2017 but is apparently just becoming public now.

Snapchat reportedly reset passwords for the people affected.

Fake news game

And this is not a scam, but a tool to fight scams.

A new game online called “Bad News” shows you how fake news works and teaches you how to spot it.


Fake meme from the Bad News game about fake news. Image credit: Bad News


You try to rack up followers by making the most sensational and most successful fake news and earn badges for things like conspiracy, polarization and impersonation.

The group DROG created the game so people can see what bad guys use to twist your mind and play with your emotions.


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