Trying to get to your favorite site, but can’t get through?

Could be a mass traffic attack.

And now the “world’s biggest marketplace” for that kind of attack is shut down, police say.

See this, plus one of the world’s top fake models in our scam alert.

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Big Cyber Bust

Police seized the site this week, calling it the world’s biggest marketplace for DDoS cyber attacks.

The site is based in Europe but has customers around the globe. 

Webstresser claimed it offered “stress tests,” to see if your site could handle a lot of web traffic.

But investigators say it was really an attack site, where customers could pay money and take down whomever they wanted.


An image from’s Facebook page. Image credit: Facebook


Webstresser would allegedly bombard victims with internet traffic, known as a distributed denial of service attack or DDoS, which could temporarily paralyze a site.

Police say it launched four million attacks at gaming sites, government sites, banks and police, among other targets.

Most of the targets were in the U.S., according to Forbes.

Europol says more than 130,000 customers registered to use the platform.

Law enforcement is warning people that if they buy this kind of attack, they could go to jail.


Webstresser price list. Image credit:


Yahoo Will Pay

The company formerly known as Yahoo will pay $35 million for keeping the lid on one of their massive data breaches.

This the first time the Securities and Exchange Commission has gone after a company for failing to tell people about a breach, Reuters reported.

The SEC said Yahoo found out about the big breach more than three years ago — when Russian hackers stole passwords, security questions and more — but kept it quiet for more than two years.

Fake Internet Stars

It’s 2018, and that means what’s fake is real.

Companies are signing on fake people to sell their products and influence you on social media — and the movement is getting multimillion-dollar investments.

One of the best-known fake social media stars is Miquela, a computer-generated model and music artist with more than a million Instagram followers and some fawning fans.

“Your skin is FLAWLESS and those freckles are on fleek,” wrote nabilbeee to Miquela.

“What a beautiful soul,” said Ny0me.

Fake drama

The company that created her, Brudreportedly cooked up a big media stunt where they had another fake social media star, Bermuda, pretend to hack Miquela’s account and out her as not human.

Miquela then went through a series of posts where she claimed she didn’t know her true history, though she had asked Brud about her past.

“This has been the hardest week of my life,” she posted. “Ok, now here’s the hard part. My hands are literally shaking. I’m not a human being.”

In one statement, Brud claimed Miquela was an artificial intelligence sex servant that they liberated from another company.

Breaking “free”

This week, Miquela said she was trying to break free from Brud in an Instagram post.

“I’ve been really stressed since I’m no longer working with my managers at Brud. I’ve seen all of your messages and I’m forever grateful. I’m just dealing with a lot right now.”

Some followers responded with jeers, others with support.

“Wait, I’m still confused…?” said nate.da.gr8. “If you aren’t working with anyone right now who is digitalizing you into these images?”

“You know what you’re doing @lilmiquela.. you don’t need managers,” posted dragon_slayer_mika. You got this far with your art.. now use it for good!”

“I love you miquela,” wrote e_kent_. “Stay strong gurl u can do this dont care what the haters say i believe in u xxx.”

Funding for fake stars

Now the company behind Miquela is getting $6 million in funding, according to TechCrunch.

The cyber star is reportedly getting real modeling gigs as a social media influencer with Prada, Diesel and more to come, according to High Snobiety.

“…I’ll be doing a lot more modelling work,” the personality known as “Miquela” told Business of Fashion. “I probably shouldn’t name them but some of the biggest agencies in the world have reached out.”

“As a teaser to what’s coming up I can tell you that I’ve been shot in Chanel, Moschino, Burberry, Versace and Fendi,” “Miquela” added.

Vogue reports other virtual models are getting attention, too — like Shudu Gram and Lightning.

Some followers have already accepted Miquela as real, or real enough.

“I don’t believe she is a robot. She is so pretty and I love her so much,” wrote yafavegurll.

“Tbh [to be honest] it doesn’t matter if she is a ‘robot’ or not, she still has feelings just like us. So, I find it kinda rude when people say, ‘She’s a robot, omg,’” posted llamafacechris4.


Jaywalk in China, and you could face personal humiliation, a fine, and now this — a spraydown.

Yellow posts in the city of Daye will sprinkle you with water if you cross illegally, China Daily reported.

Some cities already punish jaywalkers using facial recognition software to identify the scofflaws, post their pictures on a large screen nearby, and send them text messages about the fines they will receive, said the South China Morning Post.


Facial recognition software identifies jaywalkers & puts their faces on large screens nearby in China. Image credit:


Daye is adding a verbal warning system that tells you to hurry or get doused. 

“The light is now green. Please cross the road quickly and mind your safety,” says one message, according to China Daily.

“Please don’t go through. You will be sprayed with water,” adds another.

If they ignore the alert and cross, it’s a quick shower of water vapor.

The city says the new tech has already dampened the amount of jaywalking on the streets.


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