Industrial Cybersecurity Center Names Patrick C. Miller as Its U.S. Coordinator

Miller will share the center’s message of industrial cybersecurity in the United States

The Madrid-based Industrial Cybersecurity Center has named Patrick C. Miller of Archer Security Group as the organization’s coordinator for the U.S.

The center, also known as CCI, announced Miller’s new role at its 7th annual cybersecurity congress in Madrid this month.

CCI brings together experts and information to improve cybersecurity for critical infrastructure. The nonprofit group has done extensive work on industrial cybersecurity in Spain and Latin America, providing education and holding congresses in Chile, Argentina, Colombia and other Spanish-speaking countries. CCI also does work in France, German, the Middle East and Asia.

CCI is now expanding its organization to include the U.S., with Miller as its representative. The group plans to share its knowledge and help improve industrial cybersecurity in the U.S. and worldwide.

Miller is a managing partner at Archer Security Group and founder of EnergySec, a Portland-based nonprofit organization focusing on information sharing, situational awareness and security workforce development. He has decades of experience in cybersecurity, including work with utilities and industry.

“It is CCI’s mission to share its knowledge and expertise through the most representative industrial landscape,” said Miguel Garcia Menendez, vice president of CCI.

“It should not only include a variety of players—for example, industrial organizations, EPC and/or advisory firms, industrial vendors, technology centers, integrators, government agencies, etcetera—but different geographies,” he said.

“Because of this, and after a continuous growth in Europe, the Middle East/Asia and Latin America, we thought it was time to include the United States in our ecosystem,” Garcia added. “We are convinced that there will not be a better booster than Patrick Miller to face such an endeavor.”

“I am honored to represent CCI in the United States, and positively delighted to work with such a great group of passionate people advancing industrial security in Europe, Latin America and around the world,” Miller said.

“Their events, papers, and training programs demonstrate the progress that can happen when industry, government, and vendors work together,” said Miller.