ICE says he sold fentanyl online on AlphaBay, leading to overdoses, some fatal.


You can find reviews for restaurants, dentists, movie theaters — even drug dealers on the dark net.

NarcoBoss earned mixed comments for his illegal sales of fentanyl — a powerful and potentially deadly opioid medication — on the dark net site AlphaBay, described by some as an anonymous, eBay-like black market.

“I have never been disappointed by NB,” wrote throwaway34184837 a month ago. “Ordered last week, order arrived by priority mail in 3 days.”

“Don’t buy from this vendor,” warned Sanyardsent. “He isn’t shipping out orders anymore, we’ve been had.”


Reddit users talk about buying from NarcoBoss online. Image via Reddit


Now, federal investigators say they have NarcoBoss behind bars — and they’re sending him from his home state of Pennsylvania to Oregon for prosecution after a series of fentanyl overdoses in the Northwest.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement identified NarcoBoss as 32-year-old Henry Konah Koffie from Darby in Southwest Philadelphia, saying agents tracked and intercepted shipments of white powder to and from his home or the homes of family members.

However, Koffie’s attorney in Pennsylvania said it can be hard to prove who’s who on the dark net.

Attorney Enrique Latoison recounted what he said to the judge while standing next to Koffie in court.

“I stated that I agree that’s Henry Koffie to my right. I do not agree that it’s NarcoBoss,” Latoison told Archer News by phone. “And I still agree it’s not NarcoBoss.”


A profile picture from the Henry Koffie/moneybags215 Facebook page. Image via Facebook


Who is Henry Koffie?

On social media, Koffie claims to be living large.

A search for Henry Konah Koffie leads to a Twitter account called “CountStackula_,” with a profile picture of man holding up wads of cash.

“County money & stack it,” his profile says.


CountStackula_ Twitter account profile. Image via Twitter


The CountStackula Twitter account links to an Instagram account with the same name.

There, CountStackula show pictures of checks made out to Henry Koffie, LLC for about $12,000 and about $50,000.

“People be like, ‘Henry Just goes to the strip club and buy clothes all day,’” CountStackula wrote on that Instagram post. “When in reality, Henry just put up $115,000 of his own money for a real estate flip ($5,000 deposit check not shown). Henry does this on a regular. TRUE STORY!”


A CountStackula post on Instagram shows checks for large amounts made out to Henry Koffie LLC. Image via Instagram



CountStackula’s profile picture on Instagram also serves as the profile image for a Facebook page under the name Henry Koffie, who calls himself a “professional entrepreneur from Southwest Philadelphia.”

The page URL is “moneybags215.” 215 is an area code for Philadelphia.

His social media posts show more than just a worship of money, however.

They also revealed information that investigators used in their case.

For example, a December 2, 2016 post on the Henry Koffie Facebook page claims he’s going to Phoenix for the weekend.

The federal complaint against Koffie said he posted about various trips to Phoenix, Miami and more.

“Those periods of travel correspond with historical posting on NarcoBoss’s AlphaBay vendor page indicating that NarcoBoss was unable to take orders during that time period,” the complaint read.


Investigators reviewed Henry Koffie’s social media posts for clues. Image via Facebook


Search warrants

But investigators looked at more than just social media.

Agents served search warrants on his home this month and found about 500 grams of white powder — now at the lab for testing — which they suspect is fentanyl, paraphernalia and supplies for pill production, and documents related to the distribution of fentanyl, ICE said.

A financial analysis linked Koffie to NarcoBoss’ bitcoin account, according to ICE.

NarcoBoss did more than 3,700 transactions for “China White Synthetic Heroin Fentanyl Mix” on AlphaBay between July 2016 and June 2017, earning more than $280,000 in bitcoin, an ICE release said.


CountStackula_ told his Twitter followers that he pays cash for investment properties. Image via Twitter


Too dark?

Koffie’s attorney said he will get a new attorney when he leaves Pennsylvania. And Koffie himself won’t be able to respond to Archer News’ questions right now.

“Henry is incarcerated and being transported to Oregon,” Latoison said. “So, he’s not going to be able to make a comment and I don’t think he’d make a comment anyway.”

But he explained that dark net criminals can be difficult to identify.

“Any time you’re dealing with a crime where someone’s accused of committing a crime through the dark net,” Latoison said, “it’s hard to tie it to a specific individual, to a specific identity.”

“That will be his defense,” he added.

“I love making $$$$$!”

Investigators determined that NarcoBoss supplied fentanyl for two fatal overdoses in Oregon, ICE said.

Law enforcement agencies are also looking at the non-fatal overdose of a Portland State University student, ICE said in a release.

Soon, the man accused of being NarcoBoss will arrive in Portland to appear before a judge.


This CountStackula Instagram post read, “2016 has been the best year of my life but 2017 will be even better for me and my inner circle.” Image via Instagram


The dark net’s AlphaBay shut down earlier this month.

Now Koffie may have to explain if posts like “I love making $$$$$!” meant an honest paycheck or racking up illegal fentanyl sales through underground, anonymous black markets on the Internet.



Main image: Facebook page for Henry Koffie/moneybags215