Calling All Kids: Learn How to Save the World From Cyberattacks!

Kids can learn how to protect a mini-city from malicious hackers out to do things like shut down power, turn off the water system, black out traffic lights and more, in an event sponsored by Archer Security Group

Cyber invaders are hacking Yahoo, Twitter and even the White House. However, there is a shortage of people to defend and protect. Now kids age 14 to 22 can come to a free event on October 1 to learn how to become a cyber defender.

The event is called 1NTERRUPT—it gives kids hands-on learning and practice on how to track down bad guys in computer systems and keep the system safe.

Kids in Massachusetts have already participated in 1NTERRUPT. Now, kids in the Portland, Oregon area will get a chance, thanks to EnergySec, a Portland-based non-profit group that is dedicated to developing the next generation of cybersecurity specialists. Portland cybersecurity company Archer Security Group is also sponsoring the event.

“We are trying to create an environment that is focused on knowledge, sharing, experimentation and exploration in a number of ways,” said Marc Blackmer, founder of 1NTERRUPT. “And we try to make everything as hands-on as possible.”

Kids need to register ahead of time through this link:

—1NTERRUPT will run from 8:30 am to 3:00 pm at Mt. Hood Community College on Saturday, October 1st.

—Lunch is provided for participants.

—Registration & participation is free.

Students of all levels are welcome. “Bring your laptop + curiosity – we’ll do the rest,” 1NTERRUPT says in its announcement.

Kids will join in a cyber ‘treasure hunt,’ using the skills they learn in breakout sessions to hack through a virtual utilities network, take control back from the bad guys, and save the virtual world.

Some in the cybersecurity world hope this event will help spark kids’ interest in a career in defending the digital world.

“This is the event that will whet the students thirst for more knowledge, encouraging them to seek other opportunities to learn cybersecurity,” said Twila Denham, managing director of operations and workforce at EnergySec.  “EnergySec would like to see this event grow to 100+ students per event and multiple events per year around the nation,” added Denham.

Event sponsors: EnergySec, Archer Security Group, Mt. Hood Community College

For more information, contact:

Marc Blackmer, 1NTERRUPT​

Twila Denham, EnergySec

503-850-0162 (office)
971-322-6819 (cell)