PORTLAND, Ore., March. 14, 2018 / — You need people at your work to get this crucial security message: we are all a part of keeping our company safe.

But how do you get that across when some co-workers or employees just don’t know, don’t care or forget?

Archer’s new security awareness videos will change the way people think — and help everyone stay safe.

Old-school security awareness videos literally put people to sleep.

Archer’s videos are fresh, modern stories using creativity and real-world examples to address security issues and questions from an employee’s point of view.

Emmy-award winning reporter Kerry Tomlinson hosts the videos with humor, empathy and a keen eye for what will make even the most reluctant employee sit up and listen.

You’ve all sat through too many boring, dated, ineffective training and awareness programs. We have, too. We decided to change that,” said Patrick C. Miller, managing partner of Archer. “We do our videos in the style of a 20-20 news story, with compelling storytelling and unique ideas that motivate people to make smart decisions about security for themselves and for your company.

With our program, you will receive four awareness videos per year, along with a high-quality digital graphic you can use for posters, email campaigns or other materials.

See samples of our effective, lively, impactful security awareness program here.

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Archer is an international security and compliance solutions provider with a focus on critical infrastructure. Archer’s consultants and staff have vast experience in critical infrastructure security and compliance in electric, oil and gas, transportation, finance, food and beverage, and many other sectors. Archer delivers solutions based on real-world experience.

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