Archer Energy Solutions Promotes SCADA Security by Giving Away Learning Tool at B-Sides Security Conference

Cybati Control System-in-a-Box Educational Tool will be Given Away to a conference attendee by Archer Energy Solutions to help promote Industrial Control System (ICS) security education and awareness.

JACKSON, Miss., Oct. 22, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Archer Energy Solutions (Archer), the energy sector’s leading security and compliance consulting firm, will be giving away a CybatiWorks Control System-in-a-Box created by Cybati at the B-Sides security conference held in Jackson, Mississippi on Saturday, November 7, 2015. The conference is Mississippi’s premier security event and is free to attend.

Archer is giving away this system (valued at $10,000) to help promote interest in helping improve cybersecurity for those organizations that rely on the reliable operation of industrial control systems (ICS). The energy sector is in need of more security professionals who understand ICS and how to secure them. It is Archer’s hope that the winner of this giveaway will learn more about these specialized technologies and, perhaps, spark some innovative concepts that could make them more secure. To be eligible to win, the attendee of the B-SidesJackson 2015 Security Conference must briefly explain on an index card how they would use the Cybati Control System-in-a-Box. A representative from Archer and B-SidesJackson will select the best response from the pool of entries.

The CybatiWorks Control System-in-a-Box is an educational platform that helps in the understanding, enumeration, exploiting and mitigating the engineering workstation, HMI, OPC, Historian, PLC/PAC/IED/R(M)TU/DCS and protocol communications. This educational platform is encompassed by three primary components:

  • Virtualized operating systems and applications serving as Historians, OPC Servers, HMIs, and software defined networks;
  • Embedded devices such as the Raspberry PI mini-kits platform and off-the-shelf industrial control components and software from popular companies such as Siemens, Rockwell and Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inductive Automation and Schneider Electric providing logic and physical I/O;
  • Hands-on expansible IO board with Traffic Light, Assembly Line and Power Grid kinetic models.

About Archer Energy Solutions, LLC

Archer helps its clients develop and implement security and reliability solutions, mature regulatory compliance programs, and develop effective technology blueprints. Through our services, utilities assure compliance with new and ever-changing regulations and improve the security and resiliency of critical infrastructure while increasing operational efficiency.

About B-SidesJackson (November 7, 2015)

BSidesJackson is Mississippi’s premier security conference since 2012. The conference brings people and ideas together to help support and grow the security community in Mississippi through educational forums.

About Cybati

Cybati is an educational institution focused on critical infrastructure and control system cybersecurity. They provide extensive education on process control, SCADA and related cybersecurity issues utilizing the CybatiWorks ICS/SCADA/loT/IT Cybersecurity Education Platform.

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