PORTLAND, OREGON – Acoem and Archer Energy Solutions, LLC today announced a strategic partnership to provide enhanced substation security and NERC CIP compliance solutions to help electric utilities improve physical security measures and comply with NERC standards, including CIP-014.

In response to the growing threat of ballistic attack damage to critical infrastructure, the partnership combines Archer’s expertise in NERC CIP physical security compliance and Acoem’s mastery of acoustic threats and physical security technology to provide electric utilities with greater visibility and helps revolutionize the landscape for gunshot detection in the United States.

Acoem has developed Acoustic Threat Detection technology, a military-proven solution for detecting real-time gunfire and explosions. The technology has been refined over 30 years and tested in multiple war theaters. “Gun violence is a growing concern in securing critical infrastructure, and now, more than ever, is the time to be proactive and be aware of threats as they happen,” says Mike Arnold,  Acoem’s Sales Manager.

Archer specializes in security assessments, identifying a utility’s latent risks, and testing to ensure compliance with industry standards. “We are creating a solid partnership to help companies and service providers stay updated with evolving security standards through risk-based physical security controls. Archer is excited to partner with Acoem to bring remarkable technology and value to our client’s physical security and compliance demands. At the same time, help guard against organized attacks”, adds Nick Weber, Archer’s Managing Partner.


Archer’s managing partners have supported energy companies’ technology, security, compliance, and operational goals for over 20 years. Archer’s experience in supporting the needs of utilities in the energy sector has a proven track record of success, including a drive toward sustainable and repeatable processes that meet the specific needs of their clients. Renowned in the industry for directness, actionable recommendations, and effective solutions, Archer’s specialists are individually selected for their diverse skill sets, deep knowledge of their industry and respective regulations, as well as their productivity, professionalism, and integrity.


Acoem is a leading manufacturer of advanced public security solutions and is committed to securing safer communities through more intelligent security. Our revolutionary AI-powered technology is the first of its kind to give security systems the power of both sight and sound, and it doesn’t stop there. We’ve spent 25 years using our technology to protect global military troops on the frontline in Afghanistan, Iraq, and more. Now we’re bringing it to the communities we call home. Our partnerships fuel our mission, and we would love to connect with you to learn how we can help protect your community.

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Author: Brian Register
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