Jim TerpeningSenior Security Consultant, Retired

James “Jim” Terpening began his career in the electric sector as an Operator, Test Technician, and Instructor at SCE. He spent many years in the Energy Control Center and completed his tenure as Division Superintendent of Operations and Maintenance. After 38 years at SCE, Jim shared his experience and expertise as an instructor for the California ISO training dispatchers on protection systems and for USSI (Guam, Micronesia) instructing maintenance and operations personnel on electrical systems. In 2007, Mr. Terpening became one of the first NERC Operations and Planning Standards (O&P/693) auditors in the nation at the Western Electricity Coordinating Council (WECC) Regional Entity. Scores of NERC O&P audits and 11 years later, Jim left WECC to join Archer Energy Solutions as Principal Instructor, leading Archer’s O&P Education Program. Jim graduated from Pepperdine University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Management.)

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