Accounting Services

Alicia joined Archer as a Senior Accountant in June 2019 and focuses on the handling of all of day-to-day financial activities and responsibilities within the organization. Alicia brings over 20 years of financial expertise to Archer with responsibilities spanning tax and financial reporting along with developing and managing new procedures to improve workflow of the accounting department. She prepares all custom financial reports for the support of financial management and tax reporting purposes, as well as processing payroll for all employees. With her analytical mind as well as careful computational skills, she is able and dedicated in performing auditing tasks ensuring that financial transactions are accurately represented.

In addition, she works closely with other departments (employees, contractors, and partners) by filing all yearly forms (1099 MISC, 1099 INT, etc.), procedures, and providing financial and database related software training. She is an excellent and trusted communication liaison between the sales department, accounting, and management.

She holds an MBA in Management and Strategy from Western Governors University in Vancouver, WA.