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Who’s most likely to hack your systems?

Who’s most likely to hack your systems? Is it a nation-state or a top-level ransomware crime group? Keep your sights a little lower.  The first hack on your system likely will come from a lower-level attacker, says an industrial cybersecurity researcher. Watch here:   Big Attackers? You see the headlines about cyberattacks and you might

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How ransomware can shut down a gas pipeline

This is the week that people reportedly filled plastic bags with gasoline and loaded up their car trunks. And the week that a giant gas pipeline company reportedly paid a $5 million ransom to get their computer systems back. A ransomware attack led to the shutdown of more than 5,000 miles of pipe, as well

Giant SolarWinds hack not the first of its kind

Should we have been better prepared? A SolarWinds-style cyberattack happened long before the big attack in 2020 that affected big government agencies and thousands of companies. What did we learn from that previous cyber siege — if anything at all? Watch here:   Not the First Time Software company SolarWinds announced the massive cyberattack in December

Top attacks on industrial machines in 2020

COVID-19 shut down many things in 2020, but industrial machines kept rolling. So did cyber attackers, who didn’t let work-from-home rules keep them from attacking-from-home, too. Here’s a look at some of the big attacks and threats to industrial machines — also called operational technology or OT — in 2020. Watch here: The New Year Begins

The best gift you can get yourself this year

You want to “treat yourself” this year, like characters Donna and Tom in the popular show Parks and Rec? Then treat yourself to this — what some cybersecurity experts say is the best gift you can get — if you don’t already have one. A password manager. It can make you safer, happier and free

Watch out for fake COVID vaccines for sale online

For some, it would be a stress reliever. Maybe even a lifesaver. Instead of waiting for months to get your COVID-19 vaccination, buy it online now. Have your doctor give you the injection and you’re good to go, right? No. Internet ads offering you COVID vaccines are fake, according to a warning from Europol, Europe’s law

Catch of the Week — December

Chances are you’re not seeing your friends and family as much as you’re used to this year. And cyber crooks think you’ll be itching to make a connection during the holidays. If not, they’ll try to intimidate you into giving up crucial info. Here’s how. Watch here: Let’s Connect You’ve got another meeting today. You’re already ‘Zooming,’

Look out for these 4 top threats while shopping online this year

Cyber crooks know you’re willing to open your digital wallet a little more quickly this time of year. And since COVID may be keeping us closer to home, more people will be shopping online. Here are four of the top threats heading your way this year — and how to avoid them. 1. Emails &