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What is a botnet?

We’re answering your security question, “What is a botnet?” A botnet is a network of bots, in some cases, millions of bots. The bots are devices, like your home router and security cameras, under someone’s command. Attackers can use this bot army to take down websites, big and small, and steal data and money. Even worse, you could

What is RDP and why do you care?

You could be using it right now. RDP stands for ‘Remote Desktop Protocol’. It’s a way to connect to your work computer from outside the building. But as more people work from home, cyber criminals are working, too — trying to take over your RDP, data and devices. Watch here: Working From Home How do you

‘Netflix and chill’ for cyber crooks

Millions of people have signed up for Netflix during the coronavirus crisis. But cyber criminals have created their own video services on the small screen. It’s like ‘Netflix’ for crooks — and the stars of these shows are you and your money. Watch here: Reality TV You can see the ripple of the water in the hot

Could ransomware at a power company cause a black out? 

An international energy company — serving power to millions of people — was hit by a cyberattack. The attacker claim to have taken over computer files and demanded more than $10 million in ransom, according to news reports. Could that mean lights out for customers? We checked with industrial cybersecurity experts to find out. Watch

The top four things you need to do with your home router

People working from home are more than three times more likely to have malware than people working from office networks, according to new research. Want to keep those cyber attackers out? Here are the top four basic things you need to do with your home router to fend off digital enemies — especially now that

Coronavirus for sale? Dark web ad features infected bats

Ten bats — injected and infected. Their owner, offering up the coronavirus for sale on the dark web. At least, that’s what the ad claims. Scam — or bioterrorism? Archer News asked the security company that found the ad if it’s real or fake. Watch here:   Bat Connection Headlines tell us bats are behind the new coronavirus. That’s the inspiration

Zoombombers are attacking people in emotional support group meetings

Unable to meet in person, many support groups are moving online. But the same technology that allows people to unite without spreading COVID-19 can also allow in trolls who mock people searching for emotional help in a time of global crisis. Now, growing numbers trolls are creating YouTube channels to celebrate their Zoombombing “victories” and rack up likes

What is ATO — and how are cyber crooks using it against you right now?

We’re answering your security question, “What is ATO?” It stands for account takeover. And with so many people now working from home and shopping from home, cyber criminals are stepping up their game. Watch here: Shopping From Home We’re letting our fingers do the walking, as the old Yellow Pages commercial used to say. We’re still