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Catch of the Week

We’re starting a new feature here at Archer News. We alert you to phishing messages people are talking about this week that could land in your inbox. Many cyber attacks start with a simple phish — click on the links, and they can steal passwords and money, download ransomware and more. You can stop some

What is a firewall?

We’re answering your question, “What is a firewall?” It’s a tool to help keep cyber attackers out of your home or work, kind of like an air traffic controller for web traffic. Here’s how it works. Watch here: Firewalls It sounds like a wall of fire. But a firewall is actually designed to keep fire

What is OT — and what does it do for you?

You’ve heard of IT — information technology. But what about OT? It stands for operational technology, or operations technology, and it runs your world. But it’s also potentially vulnerable to cyberattacks — and cyber destruction. Watch here:   Old School vs. New School Back in the day, you hit the gas pedal and it moved a cable. You tapped the brakes and

Why are so many companies leaking your data?

A new week, a new leak. This week a researcher reported finding 2.5 million records exposed — showing people’s names, insurance records, medical diagnosis notes and more — on August 17. Data breaches are an epidemic. Why can’t companies keep your data safe? Watch here:   Too Easy Attackers don’t always need to hack their way into a company to

What is VPN and do you need one?

We’re answering your question, “What is a VPN and do I need one?” It stands for “virtual private network” and it creates a private connection between you and your destination. A VPN is a relatively easy way to help keep your info safe when you’re online. Watch here (fans of The Office, rejoice*): *(If you haven’t

US issues warning after cyberattacks on water supply in Israel

The U.S. government warned people running critical infrastructure to prepare immediately for cyberattacks, saying they face a “serious threat.” The alert on Thursday cited an attack on Israel’s water supply in April as attackers’ readiness to hit critical systems through their sensitive operational technology — the computers and machines that operate water, power and other industrial

“There’s a war waging in every router out there”

Secret battles. Hotly contested territory.  Criminals gangs beating back other gangs to retain control. This is war — in your router. If it’s not secure, it may be occupied. And not just by you. The number of attacks on home routers has jumped dramatically, according to security company Trend Micro. “There’s a war waging in every

What is EKANS — and what does it want from you?

It wants your money. And it’s willing to put lives at risk to do it. We’re answering your security question, “What is EKANS?” It’s an unusual ransomware that attacks not just office computers, but also the more sensitive industrial computers — and that can mean trouble. Watch here:     Backwards Snake Attack The letters “EKANS”