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Fake factory lures in cyber attackers

If you asked the small boutique company MeTech to fill your order, you’d be in trouble. Need a prototype made? MeTech would leave you hanging. Unless you were a malicious hacker. MeTech is a fake company, created for one purpose — to see how cyber attackers would try to mess with an industrial company and

What is an air gap?

We’re answering your question, “What is an air gap?” In cybersecurity, people create an “air gap” when they do not connect a computer or network to the outside world, not even with Wi-Fi. The theory is that this “gap of air” will keep cyber attackers out — perfect, it would seem, for sensitive places like power plants, industrial systems, the

Our top industrial security stories in 2019

In 2019, we helped you stay informed about attacks and events affecting power, water, factories, critical infrastructure and more. Archer News took you around the world to see new research into security for industrial systems — and how it can impact you. Here are some highlights: Industrial Security in 2019 We brought you industrial security

Where did we take you in 2019?

Where did you go with Archer News this year? Around the country and across the seas to show you new research and ideas on cybersecurity, so you can stay safer and smarter in your digital world. Here’s a look at where we went together — and highlights of what we learned. Look for your industrial

Turkish industrial cybersecurity: A view from outside the government

Turkey’s administration has its own cyber politics and policy. But outside of the world of government, people in Turkey are also working to try to defend the basic infrastructure that keeps life moving — gas, power, water and more. Now that nation-state attacks on Turkey appear to be increasing, the mission is becoming even more critical. Watch

How did malware land on nuclear plant computers?

You don’t want to see malware on computers of a nuclear plant. It’s a sign that attackers can get in and cause trouble at a sensitive location. And yet the sneaky malware Dtrack landed on the network of the Kudankulam nuclear plant in India. Researchers are mapping out Dtrack’s path and some say it started with

You can touch — and hack — this water or power plant

It’s National Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience Month, a time to focus on the crucial systems that run your world and how to keep them secure. We talk to a founder of the Industrial Control Systems Village about why he feels so passionate about protecting these industrial computers and machines. Watch here: Drink Up A tank

This critical industrial device is a target for hacking

You rely on PLCs for your water, your gas, your drive to work and more. Now hackers are focusing on these critical industrial devices — programmable logic controllers — to see how they can break in and do damage. White hat hackers hope they can find the security holes before attackers get in to the