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Coronavirus scammers try to trick you with fake vaccine kit 

Why worry about the coronavirus when you can just get your free vaccine kit? Cyber crooks are peddling this “free gift” online in the hopes that you will enter your credit card information. “Due to the recent outbreak for the Coronavirus (COVID-19) the World Health Organization is giving away vaccine kits. Just pay $4.95 for shipping,”

What are YARA rules?

You may hear the phrase “YARA rules” when people are talking about a big cyber threat. They are rules you write and use to try to find malware in your system, kind of like a Google search for pieces of malware code. They could help save you if attackers are targeting you or your system.

Working from home? Here’s how to stay safer

Welcome to work. At home. Whether you’re in your living room, home office, or tucked in a corner of the garage, you may feel more comfortable than you did in your “outside” clothes, in your cubicle, surrounded by co-workers. That’s part of the problem. At home, we relax more, and it can show in our

Seven ways attackers can hack yachts — and other ships

Hacking a yacht or other seafaring vessel? Cyber crooks have an array of options. Researchers sounded the alarm over yacht hacking years back. But not every owner and crew has heeded the warnings. Watch here: Smart Boats Walk the marina in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, and you’ll see dozens of yachts for rent, for fishing or for

What you can learn from the pipeline ransomware attack — no matter where you work

When attackers decided to take over computers at a U.S. natural gas company, they didn’t start with a fancy hack. They just sent an email. Watch here:   Front Door A gas pipeline shut down. Ransomware freezing out files. A company in crisis. All because someone clicked. “You’ve got to pay attention to those emails that are

Power plant reportedly hit by mouse ransomware attack

Email might have been easier. But attackers reportedly planted an infected mouse in an energy company to launch a successful ransomware attack at the beginning of 2019. Watch here: Mouse with a Secret On the outside, it’s a mouse — the kind you see and use at computers around the world. But inside, it has

New details on ransomware pipeline attack

A new alert from the Department of Homeland Security warns about a ransomware attack that caused a natural gas compression facility to shut down its pipeline for about two days. This is the same attack outlined in a U.S. Coast Guard bulletin from December 2019 about Ryuk ransomware at a Maritime Transportation Security Act regulated facility, according to unnamed

Cyber crooks can play Tic-Attack-Toe on your crucial devices

Attacking your crucial devices? It’s child’s play — literally. Researchers showed how they could play the game tic-tac-toe on an essential piece of industrial computer equipment. Here’s why that could be problematic and possibly even dangerous. Watch here: Tic-attack-toe Take a crucial piece of industrial equipment and turn it into a video game. Researcher Tobias Scharnowski showed