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US issues warning after cyberattacks on water supply in Israel

The U.S. government warned people running critical infrastructure to prepare immediately for cyberattacks, saying they face a “serious threat.” The alert on Thursday cited an attack on Israel’s water supply in April as attackers’ readiness to hit critical systems through their sensitive operational technology — the computers and machines that operate water, power and other industrial

“There’s a war waging in every router out there”

Secret battles. Hotly contested territory.  Criminals gangs beating back other gangs to retain control. This is war — in your router. If it’s not secure, it may be occupied. And not just by you. The number of attacks on home routers has jumped dramatically, according to security company Trend Micro. “There’s a war waging in every

What is EKANS — and what does it want from you?

It wants your money. And it’s willing to put lives at risk to do it. We’re answering your security question, “What is EKANS?” It’s an unusual ransomware that attacks not just office computers, but also the more sensitive industrial computers — and that can mean trouble. Watch here:     Backwards Snake Attack The letters “EKANS”

“Backwards SNAKE” ransomware is evolving to cause even more trouble

Attackers are making the EKANS ransomware  more difficult to find and stop. This malware — the word “snake” backwards — targets industrial systems, adding an extra level of risk. Watch here: More Risky Attackers are making the EKANS ransomware even better. Better for cyber crooks, worse for the rest of us. This relatively new ransomware has an unusual skill — targeting machines

What is Mimikatz — and what can it do to you?

We’re answering your security question, “What is Mimikatz?” It’s a tool that hackers can use to find username and password info on your computer — for good or for evil. Watch here: Mimikatz First, the name. It means “cute cats.” But the tool is far more powerful than it sounds. You can use it to uncover security holes in

New info on attack campaign against U.S. utilities in 2019

Once was not enough. Researchers now say an attack group launched two different campaigns targeting utilities in the U.S. last year. Both campaigns used similar strategies and weapons, according to cybersecurity company Proofpoint. They targeted the same utilities and even the same people, in some cases. Watch here: Double Attack The first campaign used phishing emails designed to trick

What is SIS? Your life could depend on it

What is SIS? It stands for “safety instrumented systems.” These systems monitor plants and other facilities to make sure nothing is going wrong, like temperature or pressure rising too high. If something goes wrong, the safety system can shut the machines down to stop damage to people and equipment. But cyber attackers like them, too. Here’s why.

Neo-Nazis are encouraging critical infrastructure attacks during pandemic & unrest 

*Updated on 6-2-20 with statement from the Department of Homeland Security.*   As if a global pandemic and massive social upheaval aren’t enough. Neo-Nazis are promoting attacks on critical infrastructure — like the power supply — in online discussions, according to an article today in VICE. “The real way any of us benefit (from) this