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How did malware land on nuclear plant computers?

You don’t want to see malware on computers of a nuclear plant. It’s a sign that attackers can get in and cause trouble at a sensitive location. And yet the sneaky malware Dtrack landed on the network of the Kudankulam nuclear plant in India. Researchers are mapping out Dtrack’s path and some say it started with

You can touch — and hack — this water or power plant

It’s National Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience Month, a time to focus on the crucial systems that run your world and how to keep them secure. We talk to a founder of the Industrial Control Systems Village about why he feels so passionate about protecting these industrial computers and machines. Watch here: Drink Up A tank

This critical industrial device is a target for hacking

You rely on PLCs for your water, your gas, your drive to work and more. Now hackers are focusing on these critical industrial devices — programmable logic controllers — to see how they can break in and do damage. White hat hackers hope they can find the security holes before attackers get in to the

Is someone ‘social engineering’ you right now?

How do you know if someone is using social engineering to manipulate you? Phishing attacks are on the rise, which means you probably already have a scammer in your inbox, waiting for your click. Here are some tips and tricks from social engineering experts to help you spot the scam. Watch here: Cultivating Trust They

It’s time to hack yourself 

What if you had to hack yourself? How would you do it? We asked social engineering experts to show us how the bad guys do it — and what you need to do yourself. Social engineering is the manipulation of a person to make them do something they may not otherwise do, like give up sensitive

Are Danish people better at cybersecurity?

Denmark is doing something right. Danish people have less malware on their computers than any other country, according to research. What can we learn from the Danes? The answer may lie in a unique part of Danish culture that some other countries might consider insulting. Watch here: Safer, Smarter? Here in Denmark, computers may be

Should you get your own bot?

It’s not even Halloween and some companies are already advertising deals for holiday sales. Will a bot help you land those hot toys, electronics and sneakers? Here’s why some say it’s time for you to bot up — and why others say you should stay away. Watch here:   Copping Kicks A proud husband shows

Cybersecurity Mad Libs #4

    Try your hand at Cybersecurity Mad Libs! This is the fourth of four for Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Answers below: YOUR ANSWERS: What is phishing? It’s when a crook sends you a fake email saying you need to ________________(1 – verb, ex: walk) your password on your account, or your ________________ (2 – noun)