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News to help you stay safe in your digital world

About Archer News

Archer News brings you news on your digital world. Our mission is to inform and educate everyone, not just people with deep tech or security knowledge. We are a division of Archer International, but we are an independent news organization, focusing on cybersecurity and tech news. We look for new and interesting stories about how the digital world impacts our physical world, and what people need to know to stay safe.

The editor in chief of Archer News is Kerry Tomlinson, an Emmy award-winning journalist who spent decades working in broadcast news. She earned for praise her work in investigating, writing and reporting news stories around the world, from Mexico to Russia to the Philippines. She founded Archer News to create a bridge between the almost invisible — yet so powerful — digital world and the people who are impacted by it every day.

Archer News interviews experts from all over the globe. But we recognize that Archer International has experts, too, who have been quoted in publications like the Wall Street Journal, Reuters, USA Today, CNBC, Forbes, Bloomberg, Politico, ABC News, Motherboard and more. From time to time, Archer News interviews the experts from Archer International, especially for projects like the “What is…?” and Ask Archer stories that answer your questions about terms and concepts in cybersecurity. We treat experts from Archer International like the other experts we interview, turning to them for knowledge, questioning them for clarity and understanding, and holding them to task.

Every day, we see new discoveries and developments that will change your life, and we want to share that with you. If you have any story ideas or questions for Archer News, please contact Kerry at

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