Archer News Celebrates One Year Anniversary

The news division of Archer Security Group works to keep the public informed & aware of cybersecurity events that impact their lives

One year ago, Archer News published its first story. The goal—to bring important information about the cyber world to the people who are affected by it every day.

Now, in December 2016, Archer News is celebrating a year of rich new information, awareness and skills—almost 200 stories about the cybercrime and cybersecurity, designed to make people smarter and safer.

Archer News has covered some of the biggest cyber events of the year, from the investigation of the ground-breaking, hacker-caused blackout in Ukraine, to the mass “takedown” of the Internet in October, where millions of people could not get to big sites like Twitter, Reddit and PayPal.

Archer News stories show how to avoid ransomware, stay away from risky toys, detect dangerous counterfeits, stay safe while shopping, survive a breach, prepare for possible Election Day attacks, set up tough-to-crack passwords, keep kids safe and keep away from botnets. Archer News also defines cybersecurity words and terms not generally known.

“There is so much going on all around us in the digital realm, things we can’t see or hear. They touch, change and manipulate our lives, whether we know it or not. My mission is to help you understand how and why. Just by knowing about it, you can be stronger and protect yourself better,” said Kerry Tomlinson, Archer News editor in chief.

You can see Archer News’ latest stories here, and learn more about Archer News here.

“Cybersecurity is a confusing subject for many, especially cybersecurity for industrial systems. Archer News is designed to make cybersecurity understandable for everyone,” said Patrick C. Miller, managing partner at Archer Security Group, Archer News’ parent company.

“Kerry brings a uniquely human, witty and non-technical approach, backed by the independence and integrity that comes from decades of investigative journalism,” Miller said.

Though Archer News is a division of Archer Security Group, it is an independent news organization.