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They’re attacking the brain of your smart home (or office)

It can happen automatically. A smart device that turns all your lights off when you leave or checks to see

Crooks bombarding businesses with 360% more ransomware, report says

The chances of you clicking on ransomware at work — and freezing your company’s computers — are going up. Here’s why. Watch

“Retro” ideas for the smart grid spark controversy

Does the future of the smart grid include using smart ideas from the past — or is high tech the

How ransomware really gets onto your computer

You’re probably seeing headline after headline about ransomware — Baltimore, Atlanta, Albany, New York. But why is this happening? We check out

What is a DMZ — in the digital world?

We’re answering your question, “What is a DMZ?” in the digital world. To find the answer, we’re going interplanetary. Watch

What is a PLC?

We’re answering your question, “What is a PLC?” It’s a little computer and the letters stand for “programmable logic controller.” But what

Iran vs. US — From harassment crime to serious threat?

You might expect a big wiper attack in the Middle East. Researchers say Iran has launched these destructive cyber attacks

How to talk to your kids about security online

You may have trouble keeping up with the latest tech, apps and trends, but your kids probably don’t. They go

How long should my password be?

***UPDATED 8-13-19 with new password information from the National Institute of Standards and Technology*** Some people roll their eyes. Some